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  • Charcoal Wool Throw

    Keep the cold temperatures away when you wrap yourself up in this beautiful charcoal grey throw. Made out of 100% wool, this throw is created to perfectly complement any décor and to beautifully grace any sofa or loveseat. With a large size of 130 x 170 cm, it’s the ideal companion for chilly nights when the snow is falling. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Grey Herringbone Throw

    We combine the softness of 100% wool with the elegance of the herringbone design to bring you this elegant and tasteful addition to any room. This soft grey and white throw provides the perfect shield when the winter winds are whipping outside and the temperatures are plummeting. Wrap it around you and forget the cold weather! 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Blue Check Throw

    Give yourself the warmth and delight of the colour blue while warming yourself up this winter with our blue checked wool throw. Made with pure wool, our throw is the perfect winter accessory for fighting winter’s chill. No matter where you place it in your home or where you use it, you’ll find that the cold is not nearly as relentless. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Orange Check Throw

    Created with bright and stunning colours, this orange throw will warm you as much with its colours as it will with its wool. With all the warmth of a raging fire and the softness of wool, our blankets stand up to cold and keep it away from you. Use it outside or inside – you will find that the blanket is helping to keep you warm and guarding you from the...

    £ 49.95
  • Elegant Check Throw

    Looking for something elegant to keep you warm? Our elegant 100% wool throw provides you with beauty and warmth all at the same time. With gorgeous hues that will make you smile and a quality that our company’s known for, this elegant blanket gives you the warmth you want and the elegance you crave.

    £ 49.95
  • Blue Check Throw

    Providing you with a simplistic yet elegant look for your home is our blue check wool throw. With a pattern that can enhance any décor and a look that is bound to please, our blue check blanket will go with just about any room in your house.  Put it in the den or put it in the family room to give yourself something to cuddle in when winter comes. 100%...

    £ 49.95
  • Grey Check Throw

    With gorgeous hues of greys, this 100% wool blanket has more than one way to keep you warm. Softer than a cloud, it warms you to your very soul and keeps the chill away from your body. Perfect as a gift for someone else or for yourself, this large blanket gives you a way to stay warm when the winter’s blowing outside. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Green Check Throw

    Many people dream of spring when the weather is cold, and with our green check 100% wool blanket, you can dream of spring when you’re staying warm. With beautiful green hues and the warmth of wool, this blanket is just right for those who hate the harshness of winter and who simply want to stay warm until spring. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Grey Woven Throw

    With small delicate checks and a lovely grey and white pattern, this woven 100% wool throw provides you with relief from the harsh and unforgiving winter blasts. Perfect for your own home or as a gift for another person, this throw will help the winter be a bit more bearable for anyone that you know. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Grey Waffle Throw

    Treat yourself to one of our beautiful waffle weave throws before the winter snow flies! Chase away the winter chills with our grey waffle throw and never fear the winter again. With a soft texture and a warmth that is unbelievable, this throw provides you with a holiday from cold weather, wintery winds, and icy air. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Turquoise Waffle Throw

    With a blue that reminds you of the Aegean Sea, this lovely turquoise waffle weave throw not only keeps the cold away but has you dreaming of tropical places. Escape the harsh reality of winter when you wrap it around your body and close your eyes to luxuriate in its softness. Take a holiday from the cold without ever leaving your home with our beautiful...

    £ 49.95
  • Sly Foxes Throw

    Know someone who loves foxes and the great outdoors? Then why not be sly as a fox and buy them one of these charming throws for a gift? Beautifully made in 100% wool, this throw provides amazing warmth that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Whether it’s for you or for another person, this throw is the right addition to a home. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 59.95
  • Red Check Throw

    These vibrant reds check throws are one of our most popular. The contrasting red and cream check pattern compliments a range of colour schemes and home décor, making it a great throw for long term use. Red inspires creativity and promotes positivity within a home.  100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • MultiCheck Throw

    Add a little warmth and charm with our luxurious multicheck throws. The throw is made from 100% super soft wool in reds and greens. It’s super soft to touch and is highly efficient at sealing in the warmth, whilst keeping the cold out; perfect for an afternoon nap.  100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Soft Check Throw

    Blue and beige are subtle, yet complimentary to a room. The soft coloured check pattern is versatile enough to suite most décor, making it a great throw for many. Curl up and get cosy for naptime, or use the throw to protect furniture, the throw guarantees warmth, style and comfort.  100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Turquoise Wool Throw

    Turquoise is a colour that’s loved by many, which is why this beautiful throw is one of our most popular. The throw is made from 100% wool, giving it a luxuriously soft feel and its thickness keeps the cold out, meaning you only need to worry about laying back with a cuppa.  100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Mixed Pattern Throw

    Are you looking for a throw that is stylish, soft and comfortable? Look no further. This eye-catching throw was made with you in mind. The throw is created from 100% wool in a mixed stripe pattern, which is versatile, stunning and screams charm. What more could you possibly need? 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Plain Beige Throw

    Beige works almost anywhere, which makes this particular throw extremely versatile. Whether you want to curl up for an afternoon nap, or protect your favourite chair, this throw is a must have. The throw is made from 100% wool and features tassels at either end.  100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Turquoise Check Throw

    Turquoise is a colour that’s loved by many, which is why this beautiful check throw is one of our most popular. The throw is made from 100% wool, giving it a luxuriously soft feel and its thickness keeps the cold out, meaning you only need to worry about laying back with a cuppa.  100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Beige Herringbone Throw

    Bring our beige herringbone throw into your home and provide the perfect cuddle companion for watching TV or reading. With this 100% wool blanket, there’s no worry about the winter winds and chills. Wrap up in its softness and relish its warmth. It also makes a wonderful gift for any kind of occasion. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Blue Herringbone Throw

    With a lovely texture and a stunning design, our blue herringbone throw keeps you warm night and day no matter how cold it is outside. Place it in your living room or in the den to provide the perfect wrap for the cold days. Just wrap up in it and chase the chill away. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Plain Grey Throw

    Be prepared to chase the cold away with our thick, soft, warm plain grey throw. With its neutral colour it will look wonderful in any room.  Use it at home or pack it into a care box to send to a friend who is feeling poorly. No matter who uses it, it will give them much comfort. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Plain Blue Throw

    Our thick and warm plain blue throw can easily fit into any room in your home or even go along with your child going to university. It has a warm, soft, comforting feel that only 100% wool can give you and it will chase the cold away from any day. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95
  • Grey Check Throw

    Our grey check throw is the perfect blanket for snuggling in when you are reading a good book or watching your favourite show on television. its beautiful grey checks will easily fit into your home’s décor to make any room a little more comfortable and warm. It also makes a great gift. 100% Pure New Wool

    £ 49.95

Transform your living space with high quality wool throws, welcoming warmth and comfort to your living environment, whether you choose to drape it across your sofa or nicely arrange it on your bed, allowing for a pleasant decorative touch. Every single woollen fibre is carefully woven using the purest and most natural wool found around the world. 

Choose from a variety of different colours and patterns, whether that's a vibrant green or a subtle grey. All our patterns and designs have been carefully crafted to suit a contemporary or traditional style.


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